September 23, 2023

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Install an Infrared 3 Person Sauna in Your Home

A sauna is a great way cleanse your body of unwanted toxins while easing muscle and joint pain. If you live in rural area you have the opportunity to build and operate a traditional sauna. However if you live in an urban area then a traditional Finnish style sauna is frequently not an option. Regulations and environmental laws frequently will prevent you from using a wood fired sauna. In addition you will have to purchase all you sauna wood. You do have the option of building an electric traditional sauna. In most cases a traditional sauna is the size of a small garage to fit an entire family.

An option for most urbanites that desire a home sauna is the infrared 3 person sauna that can be installed in most homes and some larger apartments. A 3 person sauna can be assembled and installed using a kit. Most kits are approximately 80 inches tall and about 60 inches wide with a depth of about 48 inches. This means that you can install your sauna in any room that has an area 4 by 5 feet in size with access to a standard 115 volt plug in receptacle.

Most infrared 3 person sauna kits on the market today will weigh less than 475 lbs which when spread over a 20 square foot area will be easily supported by standard floor construction. The kit manufacture will provide guidance in siting your sauna. If you still have any questions it may be wise to contact your local municipal building department for advice. Many people have simply chosen to install their sauna on the concrete floor of the basement or garage.

An infrared sauna is considered a dry sauna and as such does not need a drain or a water supply. Moisture is generated by the sweat of the users. There are no sauna rocks to ladle water over to create steam. The walls of the best quality saunas are constructed of Northern White Cedar. However many manufactures also use Western Red Cedar or Western Hemlock both of which will provide solid construction.

Many people choose to install their own 3 person sauna using one of many well made kits. In general manufactures provide a quality kit that can be assembled using ordinary household tools. If you are handy with tools it is very possible to complete the installation of a 3 person sauna kit the same day is delivered to your home or apartment. Some manufactures will offer an option that will allow you to install your sauna outdoors. You will need that assistance of an electrician to install a ground fault receptacle to prevent the risk of electrocution.

Infrared sauna kits are very reasonably priced. Sauna sales data show that a good quality 3 person sauna will cost between $1100 and $3200. Special accessories will add to the price. Make sure that your sauna has dual controls that include one set on both the inside and outside. Options include stereo systems, special glass, and lights. In comparison a traditional Finnish sauna will cost about $4000 to $7500 to build. Depending where you live many infrared sauna manufactures are offering reduced or even free shipping. Best offers are found on the internet.

Purchasing and installing a good quality infrared 3 person sauna is a great investment in home as well as your health. The sauna has been used for thousands of years to keep man healthy and well. Now you can have one right in your home no matter where you live.