June 18, 2024

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Buying Investment Real Estate With Your Retirement Plan

Every month you make contributions to your 401k, from there its a mystery what happens. You know the balance goes up sometimes and sometimes goes down. Some fund manager you never met is investing your money every month in a select number of investments limited by the 401k administrator.

How would you like to control where your money is invested? How would you like to purchase real estate with your retirement plan? How would you like to invest in the development of a new housing project? How would you like to invest in a business?

The possible investments that the IRS allows you to invest your IRA dollars in are almost endless. Most 401k investments are made in stocks and mutual funds because thats how the 401k administrators make their money. You can roll your 401k into a self directed IRA, and call the shots. Download a free ebook from Pensco Trust on how you can be the manager of your retirement plan today. Visit Pensco’s website below in the resources section.

No need to use your savings, or other on hand cash to invest in real estate. Roll your 401k into a self directed IRA and purchase real estate; let it grow tax free like any other IRA investment.

If you have your IRA purchase real estate from an unrelated party and pay cash for it, and you do not use the real estate for personal reasons while it is in your IRA (i.e., you treat it strictly as an investment), there are no special issues.