June 18, 2024

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Using the Best Chicken Coop House Plans to Keep Chickens in the Backyard

Raising chickens in your backyard is not only a wonderful activity, but also a profitable venture. You can get in to the business of selling fresh eggs daily and earn money from it too. But before you start earning money from the hen rearing or the poultry business, would you not like to know some details about building the best chicken coop house? Well, to build the best chicken coop house, you would require the best chicken coop house plan. What should you consider when you are planning to build your own chicken coop house?

Sufficient Space

Always remember, that space is really very important, not only for humans but also for animals. You should never ever think of cramming all the fowl together in to a tiny coop house, because lack of sufficient space is not only going to affect the free movement of the hens, but also will affect their health and if their health gets affected, their egg laying capacity is going to affected for sure. So when you select a coop house, please bear in mind to provide at least three to four square feet of space for every hen. It really does not matter, if the space is more than that, because you can either buy more fowl later on, or the ones that are already there can move about more freely.

Convenience Of Use

Using the best chicken coop house plans, you have decided to build your own fowl coop home, simply to make the process more convenient for you. You really would not want the chicken coop home plan to be in such a way that makes the routine tasks also quite difficult to handle. So select a chicken coop dwelling plan that would not only be sufficient in space inside, but also is convenient for daily tasks like washing of the floors and cleaning, feeding the fowl etc. You need a coop house which also stays comfortable in temperature for your fowl, in every season, be it summer or winter or monsoon.


Predators are always roaming around the pen, to get a hold on their favorite food. You would never want your hens to be eaten or dragged away by their predators, would you? Safety of the fowl is immensely important, and the fowl run should have a perfect security setting. Sometimes theses hens are even stolen by humans, so you will need a secure plan that can deal with both the human and the animal predators.

Appearance And Good Looks

When you are setting up a chicken cage dwelling, you would not like to spoil the beauty of your back yard and the neighboring areas as well. If you put some effort in to selecting a good looking and attractive and colorful hen house, it will surely be a relief not only for you but also for your neighbors. So when you select a plan to build your own run, bear in mind to select a very attractive and pleasant looking one, so that you and your neighbors can enjoy looking at it.