June 18, 2024

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Solar Energy the New Age of Solar Kits

When I started exploring the avenues of sustainable construction or “green building” the cost of these project were substantially higher than the normal building costs.

This is very true for most emerging market offerings as the products and services have not been streamlined and production costs are still very high.  But, as time goes by and more and more competitors enter the marketplace the companies are forced to produce their goods at lower costs to keep their competitive edge. All of this is good news for us.

Today we are able to buy solar energy kits that enable the home owner to diy his own solar panels.. One such company, Earth4Energy offers lots of fantastic home made solar solutions, which can be built easily, for the low cost of less than $200. They have a history of excited customers who mention positive reviews about the money savings they have made. Most of them who have built the devices can’t believe how easy it was.

The future of “green building” is looking great as more and more companies enter the market with low cost offerings to home owners. The more cost effective these offerings become the more popular “green building” will become. All of us will reap the benefits of “green building”  and increased awareness will generate more demand and that demand will fuel the expansion of the industry and even more low cost offerings.

It has always been my passion to create an awareness of the benefits of going green and I have created a blog to go green at home. Visit me for more info on how to go green at home.