May 29, 2024

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Reasons Why An Architect Should Design Your Residential Building Elevations

A building elevation is a drawing that shows each side of your building: the front, back, and the sides. The drawing is of great importance when you are applying for a zoning permit. This is because you can’t be given the permit if you don’t have the drawing.

The drawing should show the location of all the elements of a building. These are: windows, doors, and rooflines. It should also show the dimensions of windows and doors. For the drawings to be professionally done, you should hire the services of a professional architect.

Importance of Hiring an Architect to Do Residential Building Elevation

One of the main advantages of hiring a professional to draw the building elevation is that he/she will advise you on the features that will make your house look good. The professional will also advice you on the current designs in the market. Since many architects are knowledgeable of the current and future trends in the market, the professional will advice you on the best designs that you should go for if you want your house to look elegant in the future.

It has become necessary to construct energy efficient homes in order to save on the electricity bills. When you work with an architect, the professional will design your house to be energy efficient. For example, he will design the right place to place the solar panels. He will also design a specific area for heat storage. This can be a concrete floor slab that has been thickened to accommodate the storage.

The architect will also design your house to have as much light as possible. For example, he will design the doors and windows to face east where the sun rises.

Insulation is of great importance for your home to be energy efficient. The professional will design your home to have the best insulation that will ensure that your house is warm even during winter.

Terms That You Need To Be Conversant With

There are a number of terms that are mostly used by architects when designing elevations. You need to be conversant with them in order to understand what the professional is talking about. Some of the terms are:

Detailing: this includes the surrounding doors and windows. It also includes the porch railing, gable vents, and posts.

Facade: this is a fancy name that refers to the face of a building.

Fenestration: this is the design and placement of windows in your home. The design shows the type of windows that your house will have.