June 25, 2024

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Real Estate Wholesaling – You Build Homes, I Build Bank Accounts

Everybody knows how to do something. Why not make that “something” profitable, rather than a “something” that barely gets you by?

From the time I was 15 years old I started building houses. My building job helped get me through high school and finally to college graduation. Looking back at my time building, I am thankful for two things. The first thing is that building allowed me to make enough money to pay for my expenses. The second and most important thing that building taught me is that I did not like the thought of working harder in order to make more money.

I know that sounds a bit crazy to many of you. You may be thinking, “Of course you need to work harder to make more money”, but I would have to disagree. When I was building houses, in order to make more money, I had to work more hours. To me that way of life was just not acceptable. My building job quickly helped me realize that I needed to find a way to make more money with less effort. It was then that I got to thinking about life. It did not take much searching to realize that everybody becomes good at something. Some people are good at being victims in life. Some people are good at making excuses for why their lives are not satisfying. Other people eventually become good at flipping burgers and taking orders. Each of us has a choice in what we decide to do with our time. Why not start making your choices differently? I was learning to build homes, the problem was that building homes only lead to building more homes. I would have been left trading time for money the rest of my life.

Instead of building homes I chose to start real estate wholesaling. Real estate wholesaling has allowed me to take hourly wage from $10/hr, up to $1,000’s an hour. Just last week I did a deal that I put 8 hours of total work into. I made $16,000 on that deal, if your bad at math that is $2,000/hr. I have completed many more deals similar to this. The nice part about wholesaling real estate is that you do not need cash or credit to start doing it. Anyone of you could do the same deals, regardless of your current position in life. From this point forward start asking your self the hard question “Am I learning to make money, or am I learning to trade time for money?”, the answer to that question will have you well on your way to wealth.