April 14, 2024

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“My Home Building Dream” Reaching A Clear & Focused Decision To Build

Can you guess how far it is between these two points? A: The starry-eyed dream of building your own home. B: The passionate and committed decision to build the home of your dreams!

Actually, only you can answer that question accurately … as it relates to you! Personally, I’ve noticed that for so many people, the distance is staggering. And the gap is often a deep chasm that results from the dread of the unknown.

You see, the dream of home building, or even remodeling, is often followed by that nasty little devil of fear. So what happens? RETREAT! Yes, we retreat back to our comfort zone, put that dream away for a while and breathe a sigh of relief that we won’t have to face THAT devil again for a while!

But, what happens when you dare to face your fears and make a decision? What happens when you actually take the dream and give it life by adding action and the “real time” details that bring building or remodeling your own home into focus? Details like who, what, when, where, why and how?


It wasn’t long ago that I was displaying house plans and building materials at a Home Show and watched as some folks were eying the home designs on the table. They seemed intent on them and I sensed they wanted to talk to me. I asked them, “Are you planning to build a home?” Their answer was to laugh nervously.

“We have our building lot and as soon as we find the right home plan, we’ll build” they answered with another laugh. Now, as this didn’t seem that funny on the surface, I knew there was something behind the laughter. As it turned out, they’d been looking for that “perfect house plan” for six long years! Needless to say, they had not made a strong decision to build.


To make a long story short, I was able to help these folks decide upon a house plan. This didn’t happen because I knew just what would be good for them. It only happened as I helped them gain the clarity they needed through a series of questions and answers about what they really wanted and why they were stuck in neutral.

Could you gain some clarity? What’s holding you back? Are you looking to break those barriers that have kept you from moving forward with your home building dream? See if you can relate to one or more of the following limiting mindsets … maybe one of them will get you closer to that empowering decision so your path can be cleared.

  • The home building dream is only a wish until you make it specific and measurable: What specifics are missing in your wish list?
  • Wanting to build but having no idea what that new home will really look like does not make for a good aiming point: When will you create that one vision that turns your fuzzy homebuilding picture into a sharp vision?
  • Simply thinking that you want to build a home, but having no idea what the cost of building is, means you’re happy enough with the warm, fuzzy feeling of “some day maybe:” Who will you contact to determine building costs of your area?
  • Looking at house plan after house plan without narrowing down the features and benefits that really work for you: Why do you choose to remain so general and what are you fearful of?


Nothing happens until you make a decision! The powerful action of deciding exactly what you want is the catalyst needed to make a whole series of decisions. Dozens of decisions come together once you gain focus.

So, what will you do today or tomorrow to bring you closer to a decision about what you want in a home?

Will you identify the one single scariest feeling you have now and resolve to find an answer?

Will you find one single decision that you can definitely make and follow through on? Progress is made by taking one step at a time.

Define your home dream first. It’s empowering!