June 16, 2024

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Mortgage Broker Marketing that Gets a Returning Real Estate Agent

Are you tired of putting time, energy and money into mortgage broker marketing just to end up with an agent that never seems to follow through? Let us say you meet with an agent and feel like you have made a connection. But weeks go by without hearing from that agent. You make follow up calls, it all sounds good, but the agent still does not call, return your calls, or send you clients. What is going on?

It sounds like you have just encountered the passive Realtor. A passive Realtor can be incredibly frustrating. But rather than giving up on them, or throwing your valuable time and energy away, by understanding their behavior style, you can develop a positive relationship.

Why They Seem Passive

When you encounter an agent that seems passive, you are really meeting someone who struggles with change. They want to have a stable environment with few or no problems. They perceive any change to be stressful, so they are often willing to continue to work with someone who offers inferior service, simply because they are uncomfortable with working with someone new.

These agents are especially uncomfortable with confrontation. They will go to great lengths to avoid it. They appear to buy in to working with you, but you may not be uncovering their true objection because they go along with anything.

Realtors that are passive also avoid fast decision making. They want to take time to evaluate decisions and mull them over for days or months. When you are working at your mortgage broker marketing, this can be frustrating. It feels like you are investing your time without receiving a timely pay out.

Misunderstanding Passive Realtors

One of the chief problems with working with passive agents is that you take their passivity, their desire to avoid confrontation and general friendliness, as a buy in. You may think you are making progress, when in reality you are not getting anywhere or the agent needs time to process.

Be realistic in your expectations when working with these clients. If they already have a strong relationship with a mortgage broker, chances are they will not jump into another relationship with a broker immediately. It may be a long courtship before you gain their loyalty.

On the positive side, passive agents are great to work with when it comes to unexpected glitches. They can easily empathize with problems that happen and are not likely to go ballistic. And, once you establish a relationship with them, you can count on them to remain loyal.

Communicating More Effectively

When focusing your mortgage broker marketing on this type of real estate agent, you need to pursue your relationship differently from other agents. It is best to incorporate a slow, friendly strategy, with lots of small talk and focus on feelings.

You are more likely to get their attention when you present information gently and then use a questioning technique to draw out their feelings or problems. Passive agents seek out a relationship; they want a feeling of personal attention, problem solving and excellent customer service. They also want proof of your performance, which can be supported by customer testimonial.

The Good News

While wooing a passive agent can feel like a lengthy process, on the positive side, they are great team players. They expend effort to make their client relationships positive. They are the agents that are willing to go the extra mile for clients. These positive relationships trickle over to your business, resulting in a repeats and referrals.

When you understand how to create a positive environment that is not threatening to the Realtor, you establish a productive and positive relationship. Tailoring your mortgage broker marketing to these Realtors result in a loyal partnership with big pay offs.