June 18, 2024

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How to Build a Chicken Hutch

Many people want the benefit of owning chickens, however they don’t want to have too many of them. If you belong to the group of people that want to breed only two or three chickens, it is a good idea to build a chicken hutch. Hutches are much smaller than chicken coops, but are ideal if you have limited space or don’t want too many birds in your backyard.

Because of the smaller size and simple design, chicken hutches are easy to build, however you still have to remember about few details to insure your chickens will feel comfortable inside their house.

Make sure the door size fits your chickens.

It is important for you to include door of proper size in your chicken hutch. Don’t think that if you have a small flock, you don’t need large doors. Make it comfortable for your birds to get in and out of their hutch.

It is a much better idea to build bigger door and then cover them with a wooden flap than to make small ones. By using a wooden flap you also insure your chickens are protected from predators and rapid climate changes.

Raise your hutch off the ground

While chicken houses are usually built directly on the ground, hutches need to be slightly raised. You should aim for about a foot above the ground. This is just the guideline so don’t get too much concerned with it.

You should remember that it is better for your chickens if the hutch is higher than lower, so if you want to want to do it your way, go higher. Furthermore, remember to connect your hutch with the ground using a ramp, or you will make it impossible for your chickens to access their house.

Make it easily accessible

You should make the lid of your chicken hutch easy to open and large enough, that you will able to maneuver effortlessly inside it. This is the key to having a clean hutch. If you will make a construction that is hard to keep clean, because you are unable to reach every necessary space, you will fail to keep it in good shape and your chickens will feel that.

The broad recommendation is that you should clean your chicken hutch every week or so. And I guarantee this won’t happen if you will have to bend into a precel in order to clean it. Keep this in mind, as this step doesn’t concern only your birds ease but also yours.

Building a chicken hutch is a very easy process that will allow you to enjoy small flock in your backyard, without the need to build a large chicken house. This is an ideal solution for people who seek a way to benefit from fresh eggs every morning, but don’t want the trouble of five to ten chickens.