September 23, 2023

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Do it Yourself Prefab Garage Kit

For homeowners searching for a way to gain a little extra space a metal garage may be the ideal solution. Prefab garage kits can easily be added to a property providing storage space that is protected from weather damage while remaining easily accessible. One other option that makes this a particularly economical solution is to build it yourself using a prefabricated metal garage kit.

This type of kit is designed to be easily assembled by the purchaser. Standard hardware is used so that the metal garage can be installed using common tools. Doing the assembly work personally saves the money that might be spent to hire a professional builder. Since they are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes prefabricated metal garages are easily customized.

To aid in the construction process each prefabricated metal garage kit comes with a building manual that is easy to understand. Before starting the materials should be checked against the list in the manual to be sure that all pieces were shipped. This would be everything from the larger frame and panel pieces to the smaller standard sized bolts and polyethylene washers used in all the connections.

Building the metal garage would follow a process similar to these guidelines:

1. The major components of the garage are the build arches, raise arches, and end wall panels. To make construction quick and easy these pieces are pre-cut and pre-drilled and have weather stripping and heavy-duty curved angles. A local hardware store should have any tools needed for assembly if you do not own them.

2. A foundation must be laid before the building is installed. To ensure a stable building a solid, durable foundation should be chosen. The land to be used should be level and firm. An easy to install foundation is concrete that can be poured as a floating concrete perimeter footing.

3. The build arches and raise arches are put up first to form the side walls and roof. To avoid leakages the joints must be tight and the arches firmly attached to the foundation. Raising the arches may require assistance and for taller garages scaffolding may be needed.

4. The metal garage is finished with the end wall panels. To assist in accurate installation the panels are pre-cut and numbered. Their design allows them to easily be bolted onto the base connector and end arch panel. The end walls can have door and window openings installed that are steel-framed. Any type of door can be used to finish the project.

Prefab garage kits are useful for a multitude of situations. They provide extra storage and organizational space. This can function as storage for items used on occasion such as gardening equipment or outdoor activity gear. It can also be used for large, awkward items like lawn mowers or snow blowers. For recreation they can be formed into children’s playhouses or into workshops. Whatever the need the installation of a prefabricated metal garage kit can add the needed space while remaining cost effective.