September 24, 2023

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DIY Solar Panel Kits For Home

For ‘do it yourself’ types who are interested in alternative energy sources, but are not sure where to begin, solar kits are a great option.

Solar Panel Kits are usually less expensive than having a solar system installed, both because you’re doing the work yourself and because most kits are for stand alone, portable or supplemental power sources.

With a solar kit, you’ll get a complete solution, with all the parts you need to harness the power of the sun and no tools required.

As a rule, a solar system is fairly simple, and with your solar kit you will find easy to follow instructions. And the projects take shape quickly: your solar power system will be up and running in just hours in most cases.

A variety of solar panel kits are available:

• ‘Mini’ kits to build a system with a 5 or 10 watt output. This kit is perfect for powering LED lights and recharging small batteries, AA and for charging your IPod, PDA or cell phone. Great for experimenting with solar for the first time.
• ‘Midsized’ output kits, at 20 to 40 watts. These kits allow you to build a solar system which can power a laptop, small TV, or even a fan. It is the perfect kit if you want to add a solar power source to your camper or for a small cabin.
• Deluxe 60 to 80 watt kits are also available; these kits are great for primary or supplemental source of power at a cabin, or as a backup power source to keep you ‘online’ in the event of power outages at your home.

Depending upon the source, your actual kit contents may vary, but most include:

• Framed panel
• Battery
• Charge controller
• Wiring
• Mounting brackets

Any of these solar kits can be used for great classroom or science fair projects, they’re wonderful tools for learning about solar energy and its myriad applications.

So if you want to learn about solar energy, and you’re handy, a solar panel kit is for you.