June 17, 2024

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Build A Do It Yourself Greenhouse

I have written quite a few articles about growing herbs. I talked about different types of herb gardens. I also talked about making money growing herbs. A lot of people have shown interest in making money from growing herbs. If one is going to grow herbs to sell it makes sense to me to offer herbs year-round. In that case one would need a lot of room in the house or in my mind it makes sense to build a green house.

You could go out and purchase a greenhouse kit but I believe you would find that to be too restrictive. As a result it would probably cost you more money than if you would follow plans and build one yourself. You can do a little research and determine the best materials to use in your particular area. You will need to make sure that they will hold up through all the seasons of the year. You will need to decide on the size of the greenhouse you are going to build and determine the materials you will need to complete it. You should have no trouble getting all the materials you will need from a local building supply company and you probably have the tools you need right at home. Once you have everything you need. You and two of your friends should be able to build it in approximately a two-week period.

There are many types of greenhouses. You could choose a lean to which would be attached to an outside wall of your house. The lean to greenhouse is normally not used for commercial purposes because of it’s size restriction. Then of course there is the detach greenhouse that speaks for itself. It stands alone and can be placed anywhere in your yard. In the case of the detached building it will be just a matter of deciding on the size of a greenhouse you feel you will need for your purposes. You will need to determine the materials to use. Glass is the most traditional covering. Glass buildings are low maintenance and they are weather tight. You might consider fiberglass but you do not want to purchase the low-quality fiberglass because it will discolor and the more expensive grade would be equal in price to the glass greenhouse. Plastic is a whole lot less expensive than glass and it absorbs heat. You will need to determine the different types of plastic for your area. For instance, polyethylene is lightweight and inexpensive and it does well in the Fall, Winter and Spring, but it tends to deteriorate in Summer because of the ultraviolet rays from the sun. PVC or vinyl are soft and flexible and you can get transparent ones. Vinyl costs more than polyethylene but if properly installed it will last up to five years. Because vinyl collects dust and dirt, you will need to wash it from time to time.

Once your brand-new “do it yourself greenhouse” is finished. All you will need to do is gather the materials to start growing the herbs to sell.