September 26, 2023

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3 Reasons You Need Bleach in Your Disaster Kit

When you build a home disaster kit, or as some call it, a survival kit, the most important item to have besides a first aid kit is bleach. Not scented bleach but regular common bleach. You will discover that bleach not only cleans, it sanitizes, and purifies water.

Here we discuss three ways to use bleach in an emergency situation.

#1 Use Chlorine Bleach to Purify Water

When you are thirsty and the water supply has been interrupted, will you know what to do? If you have bleach handy, you can purify your own water.

You can use plain common bleach to eliminate most bacterial contaminates. The general rule is 8 drops of chlorine bleach (must be common bleach, not scented, not color safe) per gallon of water.

  • You can look this up on the Internet via a specific product label. I know one major label of bleach has a chart for purifying water.
  • Of course, you will want to print up the chart, either laminate it or place it in a sheet protector, and store in your safety kit.

Additionally, make sure you tape an eyedropper to your emergency bottle of bleach for easy use.

#2 Use Bleach as a Sanitizer

During storms, floods and other kinds of disasters, some raw foods and food surfaces may be contaminated. Bleach used in the correct proportions will make a good sanitizer.

  • Once again, using only regular chlorine bleach is essential. Again, you can look up the brand of bleach you bought for specific ratios to print up and store.
  • Using common test strips for swimming pools and spas will be helpful in determining proper ratios. Add a test kit to your disaster kit.

#3 Use Bleach as a Cleaner

Everyone knows that bleach is good for removing stains from clothes. Well, bleach is good for cleaning up messes made by floods and some other disasters.

  • Using bleach as a cleaner for cleaning up flood damage and water damages caused by rain will help you get your house back in order and sanitized. This is essential to cleaning up unknown bacteria that may have been swept into your home by floodwaters.
  • Once again, you can visit the bleach’s website to print up and store proper cleaning solutions.
  • Over time, bleach will lose its potency. Therefore, every two to three month use your emergency bleach for your home and buy a new bottle of emergency bleach.

A bottle of bleach and a little expertise will help you survive many natural disasters.